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one time i was at my friend’s house while her sister was getting arrested and 3 cops walk into the house one checks all the rooms and when he looks in the first bathroom there i am sitting on the toilet seat in south park boxers shaving my legs and we just lock eyes and i just kinda freeze and after like 4 seconds of absolute silence i’m like “…what seems to be the problem officer” and he shut the door on me

i rue the day I shared this w/ the internet








tag your porn

If I don’t reblog this assume I’m dead


OH MY GOD CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE FACT THAT THY ACTUALLY GAVE HER BREASTS ANIMATED WEIGHT?! It’s subtle, but her dress pulls down as she walks creating the appearance of weight with her steps-  and you can really see it in the second to last gif. That’s something you don’t normally SEE!

i’ve been saying that since the beginning. her boobs actually bounce like real women’s breast do. and she walks like a regular woman without so much hip swaying though.

can you imagine if someone’s job at disney was to animate her breasts wiggling?

"Oh my gosh, you’re an animator at disney, and you’ve worked on frozen? That’s so cool, I guess animation can be a successful choice after all. What exactly did you do?"

"…I made Elsa’s boobies jiggle."

Is be proud of that like what

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